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In addition to fresh drinks and delicious food, coconut can also be beneficial to cure some diseases, especially the green coconut. Green coconut water has been believed since the past has many benefits for health, while the green coconut meat can be helpful to increase appetite and overcoming malnutrition in children.

Here are some ways to take benefits of green coconut to overcome health problems.

- Food poisoning

Take one piece of green coconut, and drank water until exhausted.

- Bladder stones

Take one piece of green coconut and one raw chicken egg, then mix the egg yolks are still raw chicken with coconut water. Stir until blended, then drink two times a day.

- Fever / hot body

Take a glass of young coconut water and one tablespoon of honey, and stir until blended. For adults drink two times a day, while for the kids enough with half a glass.

- Dengue fever

Take one piece of coconut and one citrus fruit juice, then stir the lime juice with coconut water and drink twice a day.

- Pain during menstruation

Take a glass of green coconut water and a piece of palm sugar and stir until blended and taken twice a day. more…