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After we have discussed about the efficacy of soursop, now we will discuss about the efficacy of pineapple fruit.

As we know, Pineapple fruit usually consumed to make fruit salad, pickles, jams and juices. Pineapple is one of the other delicious tropical fruits for consumption as food and beverages, also are beneficial to health.


The following is an excerpt from Lifemojo about some efficacy of pineapple fruit is beneficial for health.


Rich in vitamins and minerals
Pineapple fruit contains many vitamins and minerals, like calcium, potassium, fiber and vitamin C. Pineapple fruit also contain low fat and low cholesterol.

Strengthen bones
Pineapple fruit can help build healthy bones, because the pineapple fruit can affect bone growth in young people and strengthening of bones in the elderly.

Good for teeth
Pineapple fruit can strengthen the gums, because the health of your gums can affect the teeth, so if you want to have strong teeth must have healthy gums.

Good for the eyes
Pineapple fruit contains more beta carotene is good for the eyes and vision. Studies show that consuming pineapple three times a day may slow the decline in quality of vision caused by age.

Natural remedies for arthritis
Pineapple contains bromelain and regarded as an effective anti-inflammatory. By consuming one to two glasses of pineapple a day can ease joint pain in osteoarthritis. In Germany, bromelain is used for injury recovery, because it can reduce inflammation and swelling. more…