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Modern lifestyle and fast food contribute to the cause of the increase in patients with hypertension or high blood pressure. Hypertension is dangerous because it is difficult to detect and there are no symptoms that arise as an early warning. So that hypertension can be suffered by people who look healthy and fit though.

By doing a routine check-up of a patient will get a quick handling, but it will require a lot of cost. Therefore should we have to anticipate with the natural way so that we do not suffer from hypertension.

Here are some tips for lowering blood pressure naturally is quoted from various sources.


- Avoid stress

Stress is one factor that plays a major role in high blood pressure. Exercise regularly and recreation can help reduce stress. Listening to relaxing music for 30 minutes a day can slow the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.


- Balancing salinity

Excess levels of sodium can increase blood pressure, and therefore should reduce salt intake to below 6 grams per day, and add a portion of potassium and magnesium. By keeping the balance of salt levels to maintain blood pressure at healthy levels. This can be done by consuming fruits, vegetables and grains. Bananas, melons, oranges, cabbage and cauliflower and other fresh vegetables are a rich source of magnesium. While the content of potassium found in beans, rice, wheat, soybeans and bananas.


- Celery

Celery and celery oil can help to widen the muscles that regulate blood pressure. Celery juice combined with carrot and water is a nutritious beverage which are beneficial to health. more…