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Currently, various types of media players already on the market, even the media player now also been integrated with the LCDTV via a USB port. but not all that already supports multiple formats at once.

Here are some tips to optimizing for media player can play several formats, either integrated with lcdtv or bought separately.

  • For the “vob” file extension, just rename the file extension to “mpg”.
  • For the “m2ts” file extension, just rename the file extension to “mp4″.
  • Some types of the latest media player is actually already supports “flv” file format although not listed in the manual user guide.
  • There are some “mkv” files that can’t be played even though in the manual user guide already support the format. This is because the configuration ‘Format Profile: High@L5.1′. You can use the ‘media info‘ software to check it. The solution is to use the ‘IDC Multi Changer‘ software to change the version 5.1 to 4.1. This process will not take much time.
  • Use the “srt” or “smi” format if you want to use the subtitle, then adjust the subtitle name with the movie file name. If there is a subtitle which are embedded (integrated with movie files) then the subtitle can’t be displayed. But this can be overcome by using the ‘MKVextract‘ software to separate subtitle file with the movie file. If the subtitle is not “srt” or “smi” extension, then you can convert it first using the ‘Subtitle Workshop‘ software. more…